KPH is looking for part-time help Monday- Friday.

We are an outdoor facility that works in all weather. Our company is known for its excellence in customer service and dog care.

If you love doggos and don’t mind getting dirty with doggie kisses and dog hair, this is the perfect job for you!

Responsibilities include:

  • Helping to manage groups of dogs
  • Monitoring dog behaviour
  • Cleaning up after the dogs



  • Excellent time management skills
  • Clearly communicate with other staff members
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have an excellent driving record
  • Experience driving vans a plus


If interested, email


Meet a new KPH Partner!

Introducing Cyd True, the incredible mind behind True Training 101: Reactive to Relaxed Dog Training. Hailing from The Bay Area, Cyd stepped into the professional doggy world around seven years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Her expertise encompasses daily group walks, invigorating hikes, overnight stays, and, of course, top-notch training.

No matter the breed or behavior issue, Cyd tackles it all. From guiding adorable puppies through the fundamentals of obedience to solving trickier behavior problems, she’s got it covered. Accomplished in her field, Cyd holds numerous Dog Training Certifications and Credentials.

But wait, there’s more! Cyd proudly holds the esteemed title of an accredited member with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. In other words, she knows her stuff!

So, if you need to transform your furball from a reactive rascal to a relaxed and well-behaved companion, call Cyd True, the ultimate guru. Trust her to bring harmony to your pup’s life and a smile to your face.

Check out her website for more info!


Doggy Day Care at Kamp K9!

Klaws, Paws and Hooves (KPH) offers both canine and human companionship for your pooch with Doggy Day Care at our Half Moon Bay facility.

Why Should I Consider Doggy Day Care?

Your canine companion will benefit from playing with other dogs and learning to socialize in the ever-changing KPH pack while enjoying outings, exercise, and treats.

Dogs are matched according to size and disposition. Because of this older or medically challenged dogs get plenty of human attention.


DDC provides valuable socialization for dogs as they go through the different stages of life. Like people, dogs, from puppies to adults, have their own hierarchy of social life. They also learn from each other, through doggie body language, to become more well rounded dogs and resilient dogs. 

All of our staff are well versed in dog body language and they help keep the balance of the dog packs here at KPH.


Doggy day care is good for dogs who:

  • need weekly socialization because they are young or high energy
  • get over-stimulated and need supervision during the day while the owners are over the hill at work or have projects going on in their homes
  • need daily supervision because they are destructive or “challenging” 

We are here to help!

The Kamp K9 Doggy Day Care Experience

Our experienced Kamp counselors pick up your dog from your home anywhere between Montara and Half Moon Bay in one of our safe, fully-equipped, air-conditioned vans. 

Pickup is between 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. K9 Kampers arrive at our Half Moon Bay facility by mid-morning. Pups are separated by size and temperament, and watched over by our experienced staff members to ensure that your four legged family member has a great experience during the day. 

We have tons of things to see, sniff, and do, all surrounded by a  country atmosphere. Your canine companion will spend the day engaged in fun counselor-supervised activities such as: 

  • fetch
  • chase
  • ball-playing
  • ‘let’s dig to China’
  • basic manners like sit, lay down, and wait
  • leashed Farm walks around the property  

Dogs are safe, secure and supervised throughout the day. Kamp counselors bring your dog home between 4 and 6 p.m.

Is Kamp K9 Right for My Dog?

We´ll determine that together during our meet-and-greet “interview” with you and your canine companion. Call KPH to have your canine companion pre-screened for Doggy Day Care today! KPH reserves the right to refuse service to any dog for any reason.

All dogs must be current on shots, heartworm protection, and be spayed or neutered. 

Dog Profile

We’d like to have as much information as possible to make sure your canine companion has a great time at Kamp K9. So, please print out our Dog Profile Form and Veterinarian Release-Form and fill them out before your pet’s meet-and-greet interview.

Kamp K9 Pricing

Multi-day discount packages are available with a 30-day contract as follows:

One Dog

5 days a week  $30.00/ day 

3-4 days a week  $45.00/ day

1-2 days a week $50.00/ day

Less than 4 days a month $60.00/ day

Two or More Dogs

Additional dogs can join Kamp for 50% of your first dog’s daily rate.

New Client Discount Package

Packages of 10 visits in 6 weeks will receive a discount of 5%.


Other Services

We do offer a few other services aside from Kamp.

Underfoot Boarding

Need your pup out of the way for a few days, for renovations, or a short vacay? 

If so, let us take care of your fur baby and you’ll know they are safe!

Please be aware that any drop off before 12pm or pick up after 12pm will be charged an additional day.

Any special requests for after hours drop offs or pick ups, weekends included, will incur a service fee of $25.

1 dog 1-14 days  $65/ day

1 dog 15-21 days $60/ day

1 dog 22+ days (long term boarding) pricing is on a case by case basis

2 dogs  1-14 days  $95/day 

2 dogs  15-21 days $90/day

2 dogs  22+ days (long term boarding) pricing is on a case by case basis

***Special dietary requests have an additional daily charge. 


Behavioural Consults

Have an unruly doggo? A pupper peeing in inappropriate places? Food guarding or dominance issues?

We can help with that! Rates vary.


Payment Info

Payment is due at the beginning of each 30-day contract or on the day of service.